Shine Movie FAQ

What is Shine rated?
The Shine movie has been rated R for Language.
Is the Shine movie available on VoD/DVD/Blu-ray?
The Shine movie is now available on VoD and DVD!
When is the Shine movie being released in the U.S.?
The Shine movie was released in U.S. theaters October 5th, 2018. The Shine movie is now available on VoD and DVD!
When will Shine be released in countries other than the United States?
International release dates for the Shine movie have not yet been announced. Please subscribe to the Shine newsletter (at the bottom of this page) to stay up-to-date on all Shine movie related news.
Who made the Shine movie?
The Shine movie was directed by Anthony Nardolillo and was written by Anthony Nardolillo, Corey Deshon & Ahmadu Garba. It was produced by Anthony Nardolillo, Sandra Varona.
Who is distributing the Shine movie?
Shine is being distributed in the U.S. by GVN Releasing.
What is the Shine movie about?
Shine is the story of Puerto Rican brothers, Ralphi Matas (Jorge Burgos) and Junior (Gilbert Saldivar), two of Spanish Harlem’s best salsa dancers, separated by a tragedy. After a 7 year absence, Ralphi is back to develop commercial real estate in his old neighborhood. Upon his return, Ralphi encounters his estranged brother, Junior, who followed in his father’s footsteps, Ramon Matas (David Zayas), and is now an elite salsa dancer and an unwavering activist against gentrification.
Who stars in Shine?
The Shine movie features:
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